International competitions: what can I take in the plane?

How big fencing bags can you take along, and what can you put in them?

Fencing bags are a bit ….cumbersome when travelling. Probably all airlines accept to take them, but for most of them specific conditions apply, and they mostly charge for them. Fees apply per 1 way trip. Here are the details for a few airlines:
SN: conditions
Ryanair: conditions
Air France: conditions
Lufthansa: conditions
If any doubt, call in advance.
Depending on the airport and the airline, the fencing bags may be compatible with the standard flow of luggage, but in some they may be picked up manually, or you may need to drop them at a special desk. Anticipate this, and foresee some more time to handle unforeseen measures or controls. Don’t forget to put your name on the bag, maybe both inside and inside. Wrap the handles or anything that may hang on to some corners during transfers.

In terms of content, all your fencing gear can go in your bag.  Just make sure your cat isn’t sleeping in it when you pack your stuff!
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